sweat life


The production SWEAT LIFE deals with performance as Sisyphus’ stone - physical and spiritual struggle without tangible results. An obvious feature of hard work in the field of performative art is the secretion of sweat. Extensive sweating becomes the promise of artistic devotion and expenditure: No sweat, no sweet.
What role does the quantity and quality of manufactured sweat play and how does it make time and space visible? SWEAT LIFE welds together and questions transpiration as a collective ground state in the theatre.

From and with: Sven Gey, Ksenia Ravvina, Kristina Veit

Technic and Light: Nils Wildegans
Dramaturgical advice: Susanne Zaun

SWEAT LIFE is sponsored by the Cultural Department of the City of Frankfurt and Studio Naxos.


©2019 by ravvina/veit. Photos: Ivan-Alexander Kjutev, ravvina/veit