Kristina Veit

choreography I dance I performance

Kristina Veit began to freelance with companies in Denmark, Spain and Uruguay in 2005 after spending 4 years in theater engagements in Linz and St Gallen. In 2009, Frankfurt became her home base and since then she has been working in various contexts and with a wide range of artists and ensemble structures. Her last works were Makulatur in April 2018 and ZoomRoom in the fall of 2018 in Frankfurt. In 2009 she co-founded ID_Frankfurt / Independant Dance Frankfurt, which became a non-profit organization 3 years later and works for cultural policy in the field of independent performing arts in Frankfurt with the aim to improve the infrastructure. ID_Frankfurt e.V. is organizer of the festivals ROUGH CUTS and IMPLANTIEREN and manages the Z, Center for Rehearsal and Research, opened in 2012. Since 2010, she has been working continuously in the educational program of the Altana Kulturstiftung / Nantesbuch Foundation in elementary schools, IGs and special schools. Since 2015, she has been responsible for planning and direction of these projects in various constellations with regard to the final performances/presentations. 2016-18 she was part of the artistic launching team in a first-time educational formation for teachers of special schools. Yoga and Thai massage are both practices that are in her life for many years, undergoing an intense learning and exploring period followed by educations and ongoing formations in order to teach these practices to others. Since 2010 she has a teaching assignment for yoga at the university of music and performing arts.