An external, an internal, an entrance, an invocation of the unexpected. A performance, a process, a dramaturgy, individual actions interacting; the spectators as a part of the whole. Every interruption implicates an alteration. 1 room, countless rooms, one after the other, all together, developing one another. Projections and reflections fall in the process into one.

Team: Jochen Göpfert, Alexandar Hadjiev, William Overcash, Popticum Kollektiv, Ksenia Ravvina, Kristina Veit, Anja Schneidereit , Bernhard Siebert

Premiere in Festsaal Studierenden Haus Bockenheim, Frankfurt am Main on 17. November 2018


©2019 by ravvina/veit. Photos: Ivan-Alexander Kjutev, ravvina/veit